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THERMAE Vital 72 Exclusive skin care set Karlovy Vary

THERMAE VITAL 72 Exclusive Skin Care Set

In stock

50 + 50 + 15 ml


Representative gift set of THERMAE VITAL 72 day, night and eye cream. The nourishing eye cream is available only in set, contains shea butter, sea algae extract and hyaluronic acid.

Original Carlsbad spa cosmetics.

Maria´s Marienbad Spa Cosmetics ROYAL CARE set

ROYAL CARE Treatment

In stock 100 + 100 + 15 ml  Luxury beauty treatment ‘ROYAL CARE’ of Original Marienbad Spa Cosmetics was named after British king Edward VII. Set contains:
  • 1 PURE anticellulite thermo-wrap
  • 1 PEOLA VITAL body oil
  • 1 PURE VITAL XP intense anti-wrinkle serum
With the help of the customized products ‘Maria´s’, that contain unique natural resources of Marienbad mineral springs and peat extract, they achieve remarkable results in the process of body shaping and anti-aging. Set contains special caring body oil Peola Vital with containing peat extracts. It also helps to gain a slim figure. A high quality caring anti-cellulite massage oil contains a high percentage of almond oil, vitamin E and lipids including ceramides, phospholipids, sterols and omega acids. Product is available only in set.  
MARIA´S spa & bath set Marienbad


In stock 200 ml + 400 ml PURE mineral bath & PEOLA VITAL peat extract bath Special spa bath set in bag will enable you to extend your spa experience for several weeks and indulge yourself in the effects of natural medicinal sources from Marianske Lazne, even after returning home.  Contains Marienbad mineral spring. Original Marienbad spa cosmetics.  
MARIA´S Royal care intense anti-wrinkle serum Marienbad

PURE VITAL XP ROYAL CARE intense anti-wrinkle serum

In stock 15 ml  A very intensive serum with the addition of Marienbad mineral water. It contains active substances having the direct effect against various types of wrinkles, it has been clinically tested. Visible results appear immediately and during regular usage the results are a long lasting. It reduces wrinkles by 74 % after one hour from the application. It improves the microstructure of the eye area, helps stretch the skin and make it firmer. The serum stimulates proliferation of fibroblasts and activates production of a high quality collagen - it fills wrinkles and stretches the skin. Express 4D face therapy.
MARIA´S Pure micellar water Marienbad

PURE CELLULAR micellar cleansing water

In stock 200 ml A special agent based on micellar technology developed for removing make-up, cleaning and everyday skin care, made from Marienbad mineral water. The natural substances it contains acts to protect cell membranes from dehydration and prevent oxidation of lipids in the skin. In addition to the cleaning effect, there also occurs during application the transfer of necessary minerals, firming up the skin barrier and visible improvements in texture. Simultaneously revitalizing the sensitive areas of the skin and aiding its overall recovery. It has slight adstringent properties. Do not rinse.
MARIA´S Pure hydrating mineral mask Marienbad

PURE hydrating mineral mask

In stock 250 ml A hydrating face-mask uses the unique effects of the mineral springs from Marianske Lazne. It is the very unique composition of mineral water, which provides its beneficial hydrating and rejuvenescent effect. The mask was developed with the help of many years of experience from balneologists and dermatologists, who have found significant revitalising effects of an application of specially modified mineral water on the skin. A cellulose mask with added cotton enables better absorption of minerals so the beneficial impact to the skin will be greatest.
MARIA´S Peola vital peat bath Marienbad

PEOLA VITAL peat bath

In stock 400 ml A peat extract bath with extensive regenerative effects. It has beneficial effects for the whole body thanks to the contents of active ingredients and minerals. Pour about 40 to 80 ml of the peat bath product into a warm water bath. Finish the bath after a maximum 15 minutes with a shower and relax in a dry sheet. It is then advisable to apply body oil PEOLA VITAL ROYAL CARE to the whole body. Also available in special SPA BATH SET (mineral bath & peat bath)!
MARIA´S Pure mineral bath Marienbad

PURE mineral bath

In stock 200 ml A bath containing specific minerals from Ferdinand Spring with important relaxing and regenerative effects offering the opportunity to use the benefits of natural healing sources from Marianske Lazne in the comfort of your own home. Dissolve 5 to 10 teaspoons of the mineral bath product into a warm water bath. After 20 minutes of bathing, wrap your whole body into a dry sheet and rest for further 20 minutes. Do not use the shower. Also available in special SPA BATH SET (mineral bath & peat bath)!
Carl´s 4 men After shave Karlovy Vary

CARL’S 4 MEN after shave

In stock 50 ml A sensitive aftershave balsam with a content of thermo-mineral water from Carlsbad. Contains Siberian ginseng extract, olive leaves extract and green algae.
  • Designed especially for men’s skin
  • Taurine and Siberian ginseng
  • Cold and heat resistance
  • Regeneration of micro-wounds
It has been developed especially for men’s skin and to increase its performance, robustness and endurance. A complex of effective substances Performcell protects the treated skin against the effects of temperature, accelerates regeneration after shaving, calms complexion and effectively hydrates the skin over a long period even after one application. The balm is easily absorbed, it is not greasy and adds to the skin distinctive fragrance.
PURE KAOLIN Cleansing & revitalising mask

PURE KAOLIN cleaning & revitalising mask

In stock 100 ml Facial mask from the PURE KAOLIN collection, containing thermo-mineral water and the addition of kaolin - is one of the oldest cosmetic products. Contains balloon plant extract, red micro-algae, rosemary extract and black current oil.
  • Smoothing and stretching the skin
  • Cleansing, calming and revitalisation
  • Noticeable hydration and remineralisation
It has immediate revitalizing effects, significantly remineralizes the complexion, cleans it, detoxifies and protects it against oxidative stress. Lifting constituent based on polysaccharides, providing long-term smoothness to the skin complexion. Thanks to kaolin stimulation occurs to the organic process, the skin is soothed after application, paved and perfectly hydrated. Repeated use restores the complexion’s youthful appearance.

Pure KAOLIN Soft body lotion Karlovy Vary

PURE KAOLIN soft body lotion

In stock 200 ml Unique composition of body lotion, complemented by a kaolin base. Contains oat silk, black cumin oil and aloe vera.
  • Skin nourishment of the whole body
  • Energy for cells
  • High content of natural lipids
  • Calming and treating effect
PURE Kaolin body lotion nourishes and softens the skin and significantly contributes to its renewal as well as the regeneration of the skin’s own barrier. The unique lotion composition, supplemented with kaolin base, is designed to serve as an ideal skin nourishment after spa treatments. The application of the lotion is also suitable as a daily skin care for the whole body, leaving it silky smooth and delicately scented. This product is also suitable for sensitive skin.
PEAT CARE emollient soap Karlovy Vary

PEAT CARE emollient soap

In stock 90 ml A quality natural soap with peat extract and a content of shea butter, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E, and F, phytosterols, etc. It carefully cleans the skin and thanks to the peat extract it leaves it pliable, protected and soft. The distinctive perfume underlines the overall feeling of freshness.
  • Hydrating and nourishing effect
  • Skin protection
PEAT CARE Premium bio regenerate dry oil Karlovy Vary

PEAT CARE Premium bio-regenerate dry oil

In stock 50 ml This regenerating, nourishing facial oil with a hydrating effect provides exceptional skin care and leaves it deeply regenerated thanks to its content of refined oils with green tea and peat extracts. Regular use results in softer and smoother skin, which is brighter, more elastic and rejuvenated.
  • Overall rejuvenation of skin
  • seven refined oils, matcha tea and peat extract
  • Exclusive hydration care
THERAME Herbas spa bath Karlovy Vary

THERMAE Herbal Spa Bath

In stock 250 ml

Ritual of 5 Carlsbad Herbs

Relaxing releasing bath made from local herbs. It contains highly valuable extracts from sage, hypericum, chestnut, birch and marigold. It has antibacterial effect, helps overcome overworking and stress, it strengthens the immunity, improves vein tonus, cleanses the skin and loosens pores.

  • Overall regeneration
  • Remineralisation and release
  • Positive effect of local herbs
CARL´S Thermae d´eau 72 anti-aging hydrating essence Karlovy Vary

THERMAE D´EAU 72 anti-aging hydrating essence

Out of stock 100 ml Water is the base of everything, nothing can be done without it. Hydrating essence is a special product with a high content of thermo-mineral water from Karlovy Vary, designed for treating the face, neck and décolletage. Contains sea algae extract, papaya extract, rutin and rosmarinic acid.
  • Exclusive hydration care
  • Stretching and firming
  • Strengthened protection against skin aging
It uses the positive effects of hot spring mineral water and at the same time it provides an optimal amount of hydration and energy during the whole day. Active substances from Fibromatrix technology stretch the skin and make it firmer. Due to the effective protection against free radicals and their metabolic products, the product also works as a serum for skin longevity.
THERMAE Vital 72 day cream Karlovy Vary

THERMAE VITAL 72 day cream

In stock 50 ml The day cream which utilises the beneficial effects of thermo-mineral water from Carlsbad. Contains shea butter, sea algae extract and papaya extract.
  • Hydration
  • Energy for cells
  • Protection from stress factors
  • Anti-aging effect
Gently treats the skin and leaves it hydrated, radiant and silky smooth. The active ingredients provide protection against stress factors, thus the skin becomes more elastic and supple. Other active ingredients give the cells energy, the seaweed extract protects against dryness and creates a protective film on the surface of the skin. The extract of papaya fruit helps to gently exfoliate the skin, activating the metabolism of its cells, thus rejuvenating the skin. The cream is suitable for all skin types and is fast absorbing.

Also available in exclusive SKIN CARE SET (day & night & eye cream)!

THERMAE Vital 72 night cream Karlovy Vary

THERMAE VITAL 72 night cream

In stock 50 ml A very effective cream for night treatment of skin activates the process of natural skin regeneration. Contains shea butter, almond oil and oat lipids.
  • Nourishment and regeneration of the skin
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Calming and hydration
  • Anti-aging and lifting effect
Minerals from a Carlsbad hot spring, together with hyaluronic acid, revitalize, strengthen and intensively hydrate the skin. Optimal composition of the cream guarantees the regeneration effect with deep penetration into the skin, where it helps to calm the skin, it stops the generation of wrinkles and strongly increases elasticity and firmness. Besides a higher content of shea butter and almond oil, it also contains a lipid base including ceramides, phospholipids, sterols and omega acids and thanks to the special ingredients, it has a lifting effect.

Also available in exclusive SKIN CARE SET (day & night & eye cream)!