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Maria´s Marienbad Spa Cosmetics ROYAL CARE set

ROYAL CARE Treatment

In stock 100 + 100 + 15 ml  Luxury beauty treatment ‘ROYAL CARE’ of Original Marienbad Spa Cosmetics was named after British king Edward VII. Set contains:
  • 1 PURE anticellulite thermo-wrap
  • 1 PEOLA VITAL body oil
  • 1 PURE VITAL XP intense anti-wrinkle serum
With the help of the customized products ‘Maria´s’, that contain unique natural resources of Marienbad mineral springs and peat extract, they achieve remarkable results in the process of body shaping and anti-aging. Set contains special caring body oil Peola Vital with containing peat extracts. It also helps to gain a slim figure. A high quality caring anti-cellulite massage oil contains a high percentage of almond oil, vitamin E and lipids including ceramides, phospholipids, sterols and omega acids. Product is available only in set.  
MARIA´S spa & bath set Marienbad


In stock 200 ml + 400 ml PURE mineral bath & PEOLA VITAL peat extract bath Special spa bath set in bag will enable you to extend your spa experience for several weeks and indulge yourself in the effects of natural medicinal sources from Marianske Lazne, even after returning home.  Contains Marienbad mineral spring. Original Marienbad spa cosmetics.  
MARIA´S Royal care anticellulite thermo-wrap Marienbad

PURE ROYAL CARE anticellulite thermo-wrap

In stock 100 ml Thermo-wrap PURE ROYAL CARE Anti-cellulite has an anti-cellulite effect and it controls fat storage. The kaolin base contains effective components, which prevent forming of orange peel skin. A treatment specially developed for removing cellulite. An application of body thermo-wrap reduces the orange peel effect, lowers fat infiltration into the dermis and improves skin micro-relief.