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Kaviczky Rejuvenating body care Heviz

KAVICZKY rejuvenating body care

In stock 200 ml  Contains Pannon Formula - healing thermal water and mud of lake Hévíz. One of the main ingredients of the Rejuvenating body care is Myoxinol that is in the grist of hibiscus flower seed and effects like the botox. That is why it is called plant botox. It vitalizes, rejuvenates and makes the skin soft and silky, preserving its youthfulness. The hydrocolloidal three-dimensional matrix structure provides the long-lasting and controlled moisturizing. For mature skin.
Kaviczky Nourishing body balm Heviz

KAVICZKY nourishing body balm

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In stock 500 ml The rich and nourishing body balm contains jasmin, primerose and macadamia that make the skin silky and soft. The unique Pannon Formula nourishes your skin, it consists of the medicinal mud of Hévíz, the thermal water of Hévíz, natural grain extracts and biologically pure essential oils. The healing power of Hévíz’s Mud had been proven by scientists. It contains vegetal, mineral agents, trace elements, natural antibiotics, anti-allergenic ingredients and antioxidants as well.