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MARIA´S spa & bath set Marienbad


In stock 200 ml + 400 ml PURE mineral bath & PEOLA VITAL peat extract bath Special spa bath set in bag will enable you to extend your spa experience for several weeks and indulge yourself in the effects of natural medicinal sources from Marianske Lazne, even after returning home.  Contains Marienbad mineral spring. Original Marienbad spa cosmetics.  
MARIA´S Peola vital peat bath Marienbad

PEOLA VITAL peat bath

In stock 400 ml A peat extract bath with extensive regenerative effects. It has beneficial effects for the whole body thanks to the contents of active ingredients and minerals. Pour about 40 to 80 ml of the peat bath product into a warm water bath. Finish the bath after a maximum 15 minutes with a shower and relax in a dry sheet. It is then advisable to apply body oil PEOLA VITAL ROYAL CARE to the whole body. Also available in special SPA BATH SET (mineral bath & peat bath)!