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Carl´s gift bag Karlsbad


In stock 200 + 50 ml

Luxury CARL´S gift bag for Men

Natural products specially developed for men's skin and to increase its performance, robustness and resilience. The set from Karlovy Vary contains:

1 CARL´S 4 MAN after shave 1 CARL´S 4 MAN shower cream

Sensitive aftershave balm with thermo-mineral water contains Siberian ginseng extract, olive leaf extract and green algae. Men's shower cream for cleansing the skin and washing hair with a regenerating and toning effect contains extracts of peat, aloe vera and black raspberry oil.

The shower cream is only available in the CARL´S GENTLEMAN set.

Carl´s gift bag Karlovy Vary

CARL´S LADY gift bag


In stock

200 + 50 ml

Luxury CARL´S gift bag for Ladies

Ladies have known for centuries the secret of daily beauty care in natural resources. The set from Karlovy Vary contains:

1 PEAT CARE facial oil 1 PEAT CARE shower cream

Organic regenerating facial oil with peat extracts and Matcha green tea provides exclusive moisturizing care. Toning gentle shower cream enriched with peat extract cleanses, nourishes and gives the skin a silky feeling.

The shower cream is available only in the CARL´S LADY set.

PURE BODY & HAIR gentle shower cream

Out of stock 200 ml A gentle shower gel suitable for the care of sensitive skin and hair for children as well as adults. Thanks especially to the hypoallergenic composition, it protects against excessive dehydration, smooths and softens the skin. After application, hair is silky shiny and is easier to comb, the skin is treated and hydrated, without the feeling of uncomfortable tension. A pleasant scent leaves the feeling of freshness. Contains minerals of Marienbad springs.