Rajecke Teplice

Thermal water in Rajecke Teplice (Teplice means in Slovak “hot springs”) is classified as naturally healing, moderately mineralized, hypotonic, hydrogen carbonate calcium-magnesium with a temperature of 38 degrees. Rare healing water in Rajecke Teplice springing from the depths of the earth obtains its exceptional physical and chemical properties due to the geological structure of the rock base consisting of dolomite and limestone. These rocks transmit thermal energy delivered from the very core of the earth. Minerals, especially calcium and magnesium are released from these rocks which then dissolve into the healing water to create its alkaline character. It treats musculoskeletal disorders, inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system, neuromuscular degenerative diseases and occupational diseases – diseases of bones, joints, muscles and tendons.

The beneficial effects of healing water in Rajecke Teplice were discovered in the Medieval Age. The spa town is located in the southern part of the Rajec Basin, in the forest valley of the Rajcianka river, in Strázovské vrchy and the Malá Fatra mountains. The Spa has marked as Thermae on a map from 1376, when the first written account of the hot water springs named Villa Tapolcha was given by Luis the Great. At the beginning of 17th century the Lietava estate was built, which included thermal springs and the first bath buildings. Thanks to Palatine Georg Thurzo the place was a summer residence for former Hungarian magnates. The first description of the thermal water in Rajecke Teplice comes from 1776 and it was written by Paul Adami. At the end of the 18th century the first analysis of the mineral water took place at the same time as the construction of the new brick bathhouse began. Three roofed spa pools were built – Noble, Common and Poor – available for guests, treatment focused on paralysis, rheumatism, oedema and various dermatological diseases. The 19th century saw a comprehensive development of spa facilities, with spas becoming a popular holiday place for gentry, high aristocracy and wealthy bourgeoisie. In 1889 the Austrian Prince Karl Ludwig along with his wife and other members of the imperial court visited the spa, which increased its popularity. In 1899 the local train service from Zilina – Rajec started operating, which greatly increased the number of visitors. The most popular healing procedure, a Drinking Cure existed in this historical spa also from the Belle Epoque. News from 1895 presents medical reports about the surprising results achieved by drinking cures in the treatment of chronic kidney diseases and stomach problems.

Rajecke Teplice was given the official Spa Town status in 1959. Today, clients can enjoy its other beneficial effects besides the drinking cure in the form of a whole range of therapeutic treatments – hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, electrotherapy, hydro-massage, whirlpool, thermal or carbon baths, steam baths and wraps. Spa Aphrodite, decorated in ancient style, is the magnet of the city. Both the luxurious Spa House as well as the Hotel and relaxation zone meet all the European standard requirements and belong to the most visited recreational and wellness placea for both Slovak and foreign clients – Czech, German, Austrian, Polish and other spa guests, who appreciate balneotherapy at the highest level.

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